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  • November, 2004 - openEFM Incorporates California's 2GEFS Specifications

    openEFM now includes compatibility with California's 2GEFS specifications. This set of specifications is much more advanced then the original Legal XML Court Filing 1.1 specifications. One of the main differences between 2GEFS and the original Legal XML Court Filing 1.1 specifications is that 2GEFS is a Schema based specification.

  • October, 2004 - OXCI Development Complete

    In October all developmental requirements of OXCI have been completed. Many new features were included in the OXCI release. The openEFM code base released as the OXCI EFM was tagged with 'November_1_2004-Version_1_3_0'. The final release is available for download on the openEFM and OXCI Source Forge pages.

  • June, 2004 - openEFM Receives Media Attention

    The June issue of Linux Journal focuses on technologies used in the government. An article outlining the history and current status of open source electronic filing was published. This article also discusses the history and current status of Legal XML and other attempts to standardize the data format used to transfer legal information.

  • May, 2004 - OXCI Development in Full Swing

    Work for the OXCI project is well under way. Development will likely continue until June or July. Expect the bleeding-edge code base to be unstable until July or August.

  • January, 2004 - OXCI Chooses openEFM

    The Open XML Court Interface (OXCI) consortium of state courts has decided to base their open source, middleware application on openEFM. The middleware application represents an Electronic Filing Manager (EFM) intended for use by all levels of state courts. The OXCI EFM is required to be in compliance with the OASIS LegalXML Electronic Court Filing specifications.

  • January, 2003 - Guam Supreme Court

    The great island state of Guam entered into contracts with counterclaim to provide electronic filing for the local Supreme Court. openEFM will be used to allow residents and attorneys from Guam to file documents electronically to the courthouse.

  • December, 2002 - counterclaim Enters California AOC Project

    The California AOC has decided to outline all of the standards that the California court system will use to facilitate electronic filing. A large group of court personnel and experienced vendors have come together to guide the development of these standards. Due to counterclaim's past experience in this area we were one of the first companies asked to participate.

  • December, 2002 - counterclaim is Asked to Present at the 2002 NCSC E-Courts Conference

    The focus of the 2002 E-Courts conference was electronic filing. counterclaim was asked to give a short presentation about openEFM. This talk was complemented by a similar project started at the National Center for State Courts to develop an open source filing solution. The slides used in the talk can be viewed here.

  • May, 2002 - Completion of Georgia Interoperability Pilot Project

    Having completed all of the goals that the pilot program was designed for, the project was declared completed. Interoperability between local courts in the State of Georgia was repeatedly demonstrated, as well as propagations of electronic filings into various court case management systems.

  • October, 2001 - First Legal XML Filings are Processed

    During the testing phase of the Georgia Interoperability Pilot Project, several filings we sent from electronic filing service providers ( one of them being counterclaim ) to electronic filing managers. These successful filings were the first of their kind to happen in the state of Georgia. The pilot project was hailed as a huge success by many people across the country that were anxiously watching.

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