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Future Software Roadmap

Currently, openEFM has reached a 1.3 distribution version. This version has incorporated the features listed below. However, feature milestones have been outlined in order to reach the next 2.0 distribution version. These features are listed below.

The software's version number plan is to increment the point release for every feature of the next full release. For example, if better notification of system and configuration errors were incorporated into the v1.0 code base then a new point release, v1.1, could be issued. Numbers after the point release are reserved for bug fixes. So if a bug was found in the new notification system, and fixed, then the new release version would be 1.1.1.
    openEFM Version 1.3 ( Current Stable Release )

  • Filing Management
    • Filing transmission interface
    • Filing Acceptance / Rejection
  • Electronic Filing Service Provider Management
    • Company contact management
    • Multiple EFSPs
    • Add / Remove EFSPs
    • Manage EFSP authentication ( login / password )
  • Credit Card Payment Processing, via Verisign and PayFlowPro
  • CMS-Connector interface
  • Virus Scan for all incoming documents
  • Query / Response API stubs in place
  • Court Policy module
    • Host a Court Policy via http
    • Check filings against Court Policy rules
  • J2EE Web Application option
    • The option to deploy the application as a Web Application

    openEFM Version 1.4 ( Current Bleeding Edge Build )

  • E-mail notification of filing acceptance / rejection
  • More Robust Implementation of a CMS query / response API routing
  • ebXML Filing Client / Transceiver
    • Code Module for sending a filing via ebXML
    • Code Module for receiving filings via ebXML
  • Implementation of the 2GEFS specifications
  • Correct, out of the box, Windows or Cygwin environment compatibility

    openEFM Version 2.0 ( planned features )

  • Interface for Modification of Filing Information
  • Better notification of system and configuration errors
  • PDF Stamping Services
  • Improved indexing for filings
  • Improved searching of filings for specific information
  • Database Selection option
  • Inline Help
  • Enhanced Logging Capabilities

    openEFM Version 3.0 ( planned features farther in the future )

  • Document conversion from arbitrary types to PDF and TIFF formats

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